Pablo Alborán &  María Becerra Release “Amigos”: Perfect Mix Of Flamenco & Urban Music

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Pablo Alborán and María Becerra come together for “Amigos,” which is a flawless blend of flamenco and urban rhythms. Fans were eager to hear what the collaboration of the Argentine and the Spanish will bring, and now that the track is finally out, it seems that the two have delivered far more than it was expected of them.

“Amigos” comes with a fun-loving and colorful video. Both singers have been teasing bits from the song for a couple of weeks now. A few days before the release, they shared a video together talking about what goes on between friends, and teasing that whatever happens between them stays between them, saying “the important thing is to celebrate friendship.” 

Throughout the entire song, Alborán and Becerra sing about friendship and the special bond that brings people together,” I can see life in color/ the whole neighborhood watches us drink the hours as if it were liquor/ I give you my hand and we run/ In a while we’ll be back/ Let nobody call us, cause we won’t answer.” 

Directed by Lucas Fossoti and Julián Levy, the aesthetically pleasing video takes place in an Andalusian patio. In the clip, María appears dressed as a waitress from another era who bursts with joy when seeing Alborán. The protagonists transmit their energy onto the people, making everyone sitting on the terrace get up and dance with them.

“Amigos” comes from Pablo Alborán’s forthcoming LP La Cuarta Hoja. The Spanish singer-songwriter’s sixth studio album will be out in December. It includes 11 tracks among which are “Carretera y manta,” “Voraces,” “El traje,” and many others.

Watch the Official Music Video for “Amigos” here: