Duki Gets Ready For New Trap Album Temporada De Diablos

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One of the leaders of trap music in Argentina is back in his zone. Mauro Ezequiel Lombardo Quiroga, aka, Duki returns to his musical origins, following the successful release of Temporada de Reggaetón.

It’s not known yet when Temporada De Diablos will be out, but fans are looking forward to the upcoming LP, especially with Duki occasionally posting and sharing teasers of it. The Argentine rapper and singer already dropped the summer single “Givenchy,” kicking off the forthcoming album and giving a preview of what’s to come.

The new album appears to have collaborations with various renowned artists. In fact, Duki uploaded some videos together with Tiago PZK, in which they seem to be listening to the song that is to come out soon. He has also shared videos with Orodembow, Sticky M.A., and Fuego.

Duki’s new studio album, Temporada De Diablos, welcomes a new era of trap. No specific date has been announced for the long-awaited project, but it is clear that it will not take long to become the soundtrack of the season. 

Watch the official video for “Givenchy” here: