OLI Presents A Fresh Tune “Float”

1 min read

“Float” is the latest love song from the talented artist OLI. It is a single that captures the sensation of floating upward and away. The song’s surreal quality is addressed in the emotionally charged and wistful lyrics of  “If I could float up I would see it all how I know I should.” 

With lyrics that are emotional and longing-filled, the song starts off intensely, building to a falsetto outburst and calming rhythmic textures in the chorus as the keys reverberate throughout the song. “Float” tackles the dreamy component of the song by including themes of contentment, happiness, spaciousness, and wonder on the downbeat pop music. 

The delicate and understated voice of OLI, a singer-songwriter who is always evolving, has led to the publication of some of the coziest, softest pop tunes in recent memory. She tries not to stick to one sound after being exposed to the diverse songwriting blend of Sade and Dion Warwick as well as anything from Stereophonics to Pink Floyd.

The new single is accompanied by a stunningly gorgeous music video, which Heini Susanne directed. Filmed in Finland’s national forests, it contrasts summertime wonder with reflective nights by the water in breathtaking wilderness surroundings.

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