Rauw Alejandro Teams Up With Tainy For The Synth-Pop Single “Dime Quién”

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One of the leaders of urban music, Rauw Alejandro, drops yet another jam from his upcoming studio album Saturno. Surprising fans with the new single “Dime Quién,” the “Todo De Ti” singer comes together with his compatriot Tainy to fully experiment with synth-pop sounds, as he gloomily recalls memories of his ex.

“Dime Quién” is accompanied by a music video directed by Martin Seipel, where Rauw Alejandro is seen reminiscing about his former lover, whilst strolling around the streets of New York. The Puerto Rican artist regrets that he let her go and asks who she is spending her time with, ”Dime, ¿quién es?/ El que ahora te hace el amor en el coche/ El último que le hablas por las noches/ Y te despides al dormir/ ¿Quién fue? El cabrón que me robo tus besos/ Ahora me revientan to’ los sesos/ Si yo no quería dejarte ir.”

Alejandro feels like he’s lost his chance with the love of his life as he sings, “Dicen que nunca es tarde/ Pero hoy más tarde que esto nunca he estado.” (They say it’s never too late/ But today I’ve never been later than ever.) The clip ends on a high note as his shadow transforms into a fox, hinting at his nickname “El Zorro” and revealing the release date of Saturno, which is 11-11-2022.

Following “Lokera” with Lyanno and Brray, which has already garnered 135 million streams on Spotify and “Punto 40 Año 2077” ft. Baby Rasta, Rauw proves that the upcoming LP Saturno is going to be a massive release for the singer. “Dime Quién” not only shows that the genre is evolving rapidly, but that its leaders, like Alejandro, are not afraid to take the reins and take it to new directions.

A week after Saturno comes out, Rauw Alejandro will be performing at the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards (Nov.17th), where he has scored eight nominations.

Watch the official music video for “Dime Quién” here: