Anitta Is Being Honored For Her Cultural Impact

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Anitta is the most recent celebrity to grace the cover of the WSJ. Magazine’s Innovator Issue & Awards. Artists have been recognized for their cultural contributions in the entertainment industry over the past 11 years. The 29-year-old Brazilian singer was transparent with the journal about her personal choices, private life, and aspects of her work.

Anitta claims that she is one of the few singers who was born and raised in Brazil and that people initially doubted her ability to appeal to both the Spanish- and English-speaking consumers.

“[Local industry people] said, ‘Well, you can try to go international, but that’s impossible. Nobody’s ever made it, the last person was Carmen Miranda,’” she said. “Impossible? This word just makes me want to go for it.”

Anitta took it seriously and traveled to Miami after honing her language abilities, unaware that the American market would embrace her with open arms.

She is now a representative of her nation and culture via music. The performer is the first from Brazil to play Coachella. Snoop Dogg referred to Anitta as the Rio chick in his introduction. Her aesthetic was reflected in the set, which had a glimpse of a Brazilian slum on the screen as well as several images of the nation.

Fans nicknamed her performance “Anichella,” which had surprises for the crowd and transported Brazil to the stage. Anitta donned three different ensembles, including a suit in the Brazilian flag’s tricolores of yellow, green, and blue that stood out in an instant.

She performed with Diplo and Saweetie, belting out some of her most popular songs and getting the crowd moving to her TikTok challenge, in which millions of people participated. Anitta’s performance featured an eclectic blend of genres, languages, and styles, as fans had come to anticipate.

Anitta enjoys her work, but she does not intend to continue performing for the rest of her life. She said that she also wanted to be an actress and responded, “Hell no,” to WSJ Magazine. “It’s pointless for me to keep pushing myself to keep doing things that won’t fulfill new dreams. I’ve already done what was impossible,” she said, adding, “What is bigger than No. 1?”