Manuel Turizo Presents “Éxtasis” His Latest Collab With María Becerra

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Colombian singer Manuel Turizo teamed up with Argentine artist Maria Becerra for a new single from his upcoming album 2000. The romantic song shows how a relationship continues to flourish despite any situation, thanks to pure and sincere love that takes the ones involved to a state of éxtasis (ecstasy).

Composed by Manuel Turizo, María becerra, Julian Turizo, Miguel Andrés Martinez, and Juan Diego Medina, with the support of Slow and La Industria INC, the song depicts a love between two people who want to hold on to that special warm feeling for as long as they can. The Latin artists show incredible chemistry as they sing, “Quiero ser la canción que más te gusta a ti/ Pa’ que tú me siga’ bailando así/ Me siento en una nota como en éxtasi’/ Y ahora lo sé, el amor es así/ Quiero ser la canción que más te gusta a ti/ Pa’ que tú me siga’ bailando así/ Me siento en una nota como en éxtasi’/ Y ahora lo sé, el amor es así.”

The track has a melody inclined to the urban genre with a touch of Latin Hip Hop. It is different from the tropical bachata genre that fans are used to from Torizo, who mixes  Afrobeat style with urban rhythms. Becerra reveals, “Manu wrote to me and sent me the song. I loved it! I went to the studio to write and record my part, and he really liked it. Everything flowed as it should flow, the filming of the video clip was the same way. I feel that this is what gives good results in life.”

Directed by FilmByDave and produced by Maricel Zambrano together with Wildhouse Pictures, the video unfolds the story of a couple who have fallen in love with each other when they were only children. It shows their growth process and how they overcome difficulties and still manage to stay together because of their unique connection. Becerra and Turizo play the protagonists, with a visual style adapted from the 90s and the present times.

“Éxtasis” is the follow-up to the superhit “La Bachata,” which will be Turizo’s last single before dropping the anticipated album 2000. The hitmaker talks about collaborating with Becerra, “She’s super cool! I think we have similar ways of working. Honestly, it was very chill and felt very real and authentic. We connected a lot. And that’s something you don’t see often in other artists who have two personalities. Mari’s not like that. She’s relaxed, without problems or pressure.”

About the artistic choices he made on the music video, Turizo explains, “I wanted to demonstrate something very romantic but at the same time what people live on the day-to-day, whether it’s a childhood stage or adulthood. [In the video], you see Maria and me interpreting a couple who doesn’t have money to pay the bills but in the end, they are singing together, cooking together, and sharing a beer. That’s the simple moment of ecstasy. Those simple moments are what recharge you.”

Watch the official video for “Éxtasis“ here: