Lupita Infante Releases Her Rendition Pf “Las Flores Del Camposanto”

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Just in time for Dia De Los Muertos, Lupita Infante released her version of “Las Flores del Camposanto.” The iconic song, which was composed by Luis Rosado Vega and was initially performed by Oscar Chávez, is covered by the critically acclaimed Mexican American singer, and her voice soars. Learn more about the vocalist by listening to the song below.

Being the daughter of Pedro Infante Jr. and the granddaughter of Pedro Infante, Lupita is carrying on the family legacy. The singer’s father passed away in 2009 as a result of pneumonia problems.

Lupita did not become interested in music until much later in life; she attended UCLA and majored in Ethnomusicology. The self-sufficient lady, who drove for Lyft to pay her expenses, is glad of her schooling since it ultimately aided her profession.

“Ethnomusicology studies the origin of music historically, culturally, and how it’s a part of our lives. And you know, being the granddaughter of Pedro Infante, I feel like even his image, he’s an icon. He is a cultural icon,” she told BeLatina.

“Now, as a professional in music, I’m really glad that it was a sacrifice to be in school and to be trying to keep up my music, keep up recording. It was a lot of work at that time. I was even a Lyft driver and just doing everything I could. I was teaching at the time. I probably had like two or three jobs at the same time, but it was all worth it,” she added.