You’ll Be Ready To Mambo After Hearing “Let’s Get Crazy” By Don Omar And Lil Jon

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A fresh mambo will carry you through 2023. Lil Jon and Puerto Rican singer Don Omar have teamed up for the brand-new song “Let’s Get Crazy.” It’s a brand-new musical partnership that will revolutionize the music business and one we never realized we needed. 

The sound of the trumpet, one of the most well-known instruments in Latin music, is front and center in the song “Let’s Get Crazy,” which mixes the spirit of “Mambo Dance” with electro music.

With an upbeat sound and an easily identifiable voice, “Crunk” pioneer Lil Jon is a pleasant and tempting addition to the unorthodox mambo. You’ll want to dance as soon as you hear the rhythm.

The song also comes with a grand music video that was shot in Miami under Carlos Perez of Elastic People’s direction. It pays homage to the 1970s and the well-known TV program “Soul Train,” on which the top R&B, Soul, and Hip Hop performers showcased their prowess while dancers brought their A-game.