Bad Bunny’s Upcoming Movie ‘El Muerto’ Will Be Directed By Jonás Cuarón

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Benito A Martínez Ocasio will star in Sony’s new Marvel film El Muerto, which  is set to be released on January 12, 2024. The entertainment studio announced that the movie is still in the works and will be directed by Jonás Cuarón.

Following in the footsteps of his father Alfonso Cuarón, the Mexican filmmaker made his directorial debut in 2015 with the thriller Desierto that featured Gael García Bernal, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Alondra Hidalgo.

The script for El Muerto is being written by Mexican writer Gareth Dunnet Alcocer, who is known for his work on the superhero film Blue Beetle. The story of Sony’s live-action is set in the Spider-Man universe and revolves around the antihero, the son of a Mexican wrestler, who inherits the superpowers of “El Muerto.”

Bad Bunny reveals that he’s excited to play the first-ever Latino superhero in the Marvel universe, “The thing is, it’s not like, the first Latino acting in a Marvel movie—it’s the first [Latino] main role, I think people are gonna be proud about my work.”

The Puerto Rican megastar seems to be born to play the role of a wrestler. He had surprised fans recently by appearing at WrestleMania to take part in a match with Damian Priest against The Miz and Morrison. Bad Bunny confesses: “I love wrestling. I grew up watching wrestling, and I’m a wrestler. I’m a former champion, so this is why I love this character. I think it’s the perfect role for me, and it will be epic.”