Leah Dibut Gets Ready To Release Her Next Big Hit “Todo Mi Amor Es Tuyo”

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American singer Leah Dibut teams up with Lenier for the second time to release “Todo Mi Amor Es Tuyo.”  The song is about love and the challenges that couples have to overcome to stay together. The Cuban composer, who recently celebrated his nomination for three Latin Grammys, had collaborated with Dibut on the worldwide hit single “Buenos Amigos.”

The music video for “Todo Mi Amor Es Tuyo” will premiere on Friday, October 7, 2022. Leah Dibut’s upcoming release, is a reflection of her spontaneity and instinctiveness. She dedicates the song to all the couples:  “Una canción para las parejas, nunca dejen de luchar por el amor de su vida, no importan las circunstancias. XOXO Leah De Mi Corazon Al Tuyo.”

The Latina displays love and affection for her current partner and advises fans to always fight for the love of their life no matter the circumstance. “Todo Mi Amor Es Tuyo” gives hope that as long as both parties are willing to fight for each other, the relationship will survive all hardships and misfortunes.

Leah Dibut sings that her love is timeless and boundless, no age or date on the calendar will ever stop her from loving, “Pero aquí no hay edad para el amor/ Nos hizo tanto daño/ Y tanto dolor/ Pero nada ni nadie/ Nunca nos separo/ Porque mi amor es tuyo/ Tuyo, tuyo/ Lo grito con orgullo/ Todo mi amor es tuyo.” 

You can watch the upcoming Premiere on Youtube: