Gerardo Ortiz Hits The No.1 Spot In The US With “Modo Crudo”

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Gerardo Ortiz conquers Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay and claims the Gainer Trophy. The singer-songwriter tops one of the most important charts in the United States with his recent single “Modo Crudo.” The news was the perfect Birthday present for the Pasadena native who turned 33 on October 5, 2022. 

“Modo Crudo” boasts of soft guitar sounds and tells a story of a broken-hearted man who has drowned himself in alcohol and sorrow.  The official video of the track has garnered almost 6 million views on YouTube within three months of its release. 

One of the most prominent figures of the Regional Mexican genre sings: “Once again, I blame you for getting drunk, everybody already knows and it’s not the first time that I say it’s your fault.” “Otra vez/Te agarré de pretexto para emborracharme, ¿y que?/ Total ya me conocen y no es la primera vez/ Que ando amanecido y digo que es tu culpa/ Y es que cómo te olvido si ni hago la lucha/ Ando modo crudo/ Con dolor de cabeza/ Ya llevo varias pedas nomás pa celebrar mi tristeza.”

With upcoming performances in Mexico and the United States, Gerardo Ortiz will surely ignite the crowd with his multi-genre music that incorporates mariachi, cumbia, and romantic ballads.

Watch the Official Video for “Modo Crudo” Here: