Dean The Dream Breathes Fresh Air Into The Psychedelic And Funk Rock Music With A New Album

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Dean The Dream is a unique artist whose mission so far has been to revive the scene of funk rock and psychedelic rock with his authentic pieces. Diving right in, Dean recently dropped Hitchin’ It To Heaven, a seven-track album our readers are guaranteed to enjoy! After The Opening Act which lasts a little over one minute, Dean hits it off strong with “Changes”, a song that hints at a broken-up romance and a subtle sadness that can be felt through the electronic guitar chords.

Transcendental to its core, each song in the album feels real and raw and at the same time familiar, like a conversation with a long-lost friend. There is also a blues element to most of the tracks which gives the album a modern but sophisticated vibe. “The overall message is completely up to the listener,” the artist said in a recent interview. “The story, however, revolves around a heartbroken boy trying to find the courage to love again. Not sure if he succeeds though, it’s up to you.” 

The lead single off the album, which was released alongside a music video a little while back, heralding Dean The Dream’s sophomore album, is “Goodbye, Danny”. The clip was created by Vikuiam who managed to portray that 70’s vibe to the T. “It kinda has an old-school, home-recording look, which helps blend into the psychedelia,” Dean noted. 

Dean The Dream gives it all in each piece, and it’s evident from his vocal performance how invested and passionate he is about his music. Full of emotion, warmth and loneliness, all at the same time, the artist’s voice takes on countless vibrant colors, giving us the best of the genre. His previous works include “Four Roses,” “Misery ‘N,” and a full-length album Pink Sun that came out last year. Keep an eye on this artist for more awesome music!

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