Exclusive Interview With Exceptional Artist ZeXzy

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We had the pleasure of getting to know ZeXzy, one of the most remarkable Afro-beats singers. His most recent release is the fantastic tune “Obsession,” a beautiful melody with booming vocals. He’s known for his distinct and powerful vocal presence, as well as his fascinating style. We’re excited to learn more about ZeXzy in this exclusive interview!

Hey ZeXzy! Congratulations on the release of your single “Obsession”! Tell us more about the exquisite track “Obsession” and the inspiration behind it.

“Obsession” is a sensual track dripping in so much sexiness. The song is a free-flowing summer-friendly jam. The story line is about a girl crushing heavily on ZeXzy, but in a broader sense – she’s actually the voice of so many ladies out there who see’s ZeXzy just in the same light as she does (The God Of Obsession) . The story was inspired by a girl who used to crush on me in school. It took so much of a toll on her psyche that one of those days when she was walking towards me on the corridor, in a desperate bid to not look at me, she tripped and fell in the gutter. I had to rush to her and offered a helping hand. I told myself I would make a song about it someday. The day the words kept flowing from my subconscious, I knew this was the song I’ve told myself years ago I would write.

What do you want listeners to take away from the single?

I want anybody listening to “Obsession” to be drenched in a haze of sexiness. It’s a song perfect for lovemaking because it has a lot of moaning in there and can really do a lot in calming the nerves and getting lovers lost in each other’s arms. In summary, I want the song to be everyone’s get away from the troubles of this world into a surreal world where all their pains are gone.

Who are your musical and non-musical inspirations?

My musical inspirations are: 2 baba, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, 2Pac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, Eminem. 

My non-musical inspirations are: My father and mother Elder Clara and Elder I.I Uwaifo, Dr. Lou (C.E.O MapleGrove Entertainment). 

With which artist would you dream to collaborate with?

I’d like to do a collaboration with Davido, BTS, Daddy Yankee, Adele.

You have had to overcome many challenges to get to this point in your career. What are you most proud of?

What I’ve been most proud of is that I could bounce back on my feet after losing my singing voice for about 15 years. When I lost it, a lot of folks thought I’d fallen off the grid, but it surprises them now to see me bounce back in an Epic way as the “God Of Obsession”. I know how grueling it has been for people (close and far) to have ruled me out. It’s a great feeling  and sometimes I cannot believe that ordeal is finally behind me. 

If there was one piece of advice you could share with upcoming musicians or artists, what would it be?

My only advice to artists would be to remain consistent with their career pursuit. It’s always tough at the beginning, but if they hang in there long enough, their light will shine someday.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2022? Anything your fans can look forward to?

My fans should look out for visuals to “Obsession”. The video has been shot and would be dropping in a couple of weeks. The summary of the storyline of the video is that; A particular queen wakes up ZeXzy (The God Of Obsession) who has been asleep since 519 BC, for herself, only to find out that ZeXzy is driving all the women in the world wild and she can’t have him all to herself as planned. This drives her very mad but there’s no putting ZeXzy back to sleep. Also, down the year, hopefully in October, another single would drop. That would be my end of year gift to the fans for a year that has been very revealing and good to me.


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