Dynamic Duo RM47 Drops The Music Video For “Strangers”

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Strangers can create some of the most intense connections – and that’s exactly what RM47 explores in their single “Strangers.” As the narrative ends, the song’s captivating rhythms and artificial hums echo throughout. It’s a fun track that pays homage to synth music while adding a modern touch.

Combined with undeniable talent and passion, Los Angeles-based duo RM47 – a collaboration between MAAD and Raleigh – have developed a unique sound that appears to be broadcasting from the far future. RM47, with its mesmerizing rhythms and beautiful harmonies, elevates each individual’s creative talent to a new level in the alt and electro-R&B realm. MAAD offers her mesmerizing voice and drives the creative and visual side, while Raleigh’s ability extends to music and production; together, they compose songs that combine sensuous guitars, Jersey club beats, and body-shaking Afrobeat rhythms. Their creative connection resulted in the early popularity of their hit “Needed You,” which gained 300k streams on Spotify. RM47 is now ready to introduce “Stranger” to jet-setting listeners into a new age of music.

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