“Shine” The New Big Hit By Leah Harris

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“Shine” is a Soul/R&B tune that combines Classic Soul and 90’s R&B with a contemporary touch. The song’s lyrics are inspired by the unusual paths of people following non-traditional aspirations. It takes a certain type of drive to wake up every day and follow a creative interest, whether it’s for artists and musicians, entrepreneurs, or other creatives. It is a tune about people who seek theirs in unconventional ways, is one of those cuts that will leave you ready to tackle anything that comes your way on your trip. 

This song serves as a reminder that you can be anything you want to be when you grow up, and that if you’ve grown up but aren’t quite what you hoped to be, there’s still time to shine. Harris reminds us not to allow anything to dampen our desire to be the greatest!

Sal Oliveri, widely known for his work on GRAMMY-nominated songs by P!nk and Chris Stapleton, produced “Shine” in Nashville. Leah is the sole author of the song and performs both keyboard and vocals on it. The soundtrack is influenced by Leah’s childhood in Motown, just outside of Detroit, as well as her travels to Stockholm, Dublin, and Helsinki, all of which had an impression on her story.

“Shine” already has hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify! Make sure you check it out below. 

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