NPR Finally Gives Us the Camila Cabello Concert We’ve Been Waiting For

1 min read

Starting from September 15 up until October 15, NPR will honor Hispanic Heritage Month by featuring Latin singers on its beloved tiny desk concert series. 

The latest guest on tiny desk (home edition) turned out to be none other than Cuban-Mexican singer-songwriter Camila Cabello. Born in Havana, Cuba herself, Cabello mesmerizes us with her famous lyrics “half of my heart is in Havana” as she kicks the mini-concert off with her hit “Havana.”

She then introduces us to her lovely band, mentions having a tiny sinus infection but nonetheless nails the rest of the performance. 

In addition to Havana, the Cabello sings “Real Friends,” “Senorita,” “Don’t Go Yet,” and last but not least “La Buena Vida”

The entire thing is super fun to watch and super pleasant to the ear. You can watch the full video down below: