AI is Expected to Become an Integral Part in the Future of Music Industry

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The idea of AI-generated music has been around for a while now, but the concept is turning into a reality, thanks to the rapid development of technology. 

Researchers are expecting that AI will not only write songs and lyrics, but it will also be able to come up with new genres – mainly by mashing up different genres together. 

As the development of AI in music is underway, many are welcoming this integration and are anticipating positive outcomes. While others, like the Canadian musician Grimes, are afraid of the consequences.

It is crucial to note that the outbreak of the pandemic also had a significant impact on the further development of AI into music, as we started seeing virtual concerts performed by AI-powered virtual artists. 

Although creatives in the industry are afraid of being replaced, it’s important to understand that AI won’t and can’t completely replace humans, as these machines lack empathy, creativity, and emotions.