Foo Fighters Lead Singer Dave Grohl Is About to Release a Memoir

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Rock legend Dave Grohl announced a new memoir titled “The Storyteller” that will be released on October 5th of this year. The reason behind the title is quite self-explanatory – he is telling his life story. Needless to say, it’s not the life of your average Joe. Instead, it is the life of former Nirvana drummer and current lead singer of Foo Fighters Dave Grohl’s life! So, as you can imagine it is filled with the most interesting movie-worthy content. 

Grohl started writing and sharing short essays on Instagram during quarantine as a result of having much more free time than usual. You can still find his posts here

In an interview with BBC, the superstar said “ “When the lockdown happened, I suddenly had nothing to do. I never have nothing to do. I’ve always been creatively restless. So I spent my time writing these short stories for an Instagram page, @davestruestories. And in doing that, I fell in love with writing. I thought, ‘You know what, maybe I’ll just write a book’, without realising how gargantuan of a project it would be.”

You can watch the official trailer of “The Storyteller” down below: