Jarlaith Mervyn

Jarlaith Mervyn Aims for Glastonbury, Dreams of Making Belfast Proud

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At just 13 years old, Jarlaith Mervyn from Belfast is quickly becoming a name to watch in the music scene. His recent performance at Belfast’s Custom House Square, opening for Boyzlife to a crowd of nearly 4,000, has catapulted his popularity on various online platforms.

Jarlaith Mervyn is gearing up to launch his first single, “Dust,” a powerful anti-war anthem that he debuted at the concert. The song, penned by local talents Phil Johnston and Michael Walsh, poignantly critiques the senseless loss of life in global conflicts.

Last year, Jarlaith showcased his vocal skills on The Voice Kids UK, where mentors Ronan Keating, Will.I.Am, and Pixie Lott offered him a glimpse into the music industry. When asked about what he wants his listeners to take away from “Dust,” Jarlaith expressed his desire to heighten global awareness through the song’s narrative.

Jarlaith finds joy both in the recording studio and on stage, although performing live holds a special thrill for him. His ultimate dream? To rock the stage at Glastonbury Festival.

Being a native of Belfast means a lot to Jarlaith. He values the immense support from his local community, especially when he’s busking downtown, and aspires to make his city proud.

The idea for “Dust” originated from Phil Johnston, a music producer from Bangor. After Phil proposed the collaboration, Jarlaith, alongside his manager Michael Walsh, worked together to enrich the song with additional lyrics and music, culminating in a recording session at Phil’s studio.

Jarlaith also stresses the importance of recognizing that teenagers are deeply concerned about global issues. He believes it’s vital for adults to acknowledge that young people are observant and empathetic toward world events.

Having just entered his teens, Jarlaith remains mostly unfazed by nerves before shows, driven instead by the thrill of performance. His stint on The Voice Kids not only boosted his confidence but also equipped him with valuable vocal techniques that he continues to apply in his performances.

Jarlaith’s journey in music is a beacon of youthful ambition and passion, signaling a promising career ahead.