Jaywon is Ready to Make Music History with “Evergreen”

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Award-winning Nigerian musician Jaywon is back and ready to push creative boundaries with his highly anticipated album, “Evergreen.”

In this exclusive interview, Jaywon delves into the inspiration behind his latest single, “For My Head,” featuring rising star Spyro. He discusses the collaborative spirit behind “Evergreen,” the themes explored in the album, and how his personal experiences influence his songwriting. We also learn about the musical legends who have inspired him throughout his career and the significance of his numerous awards.

Can you share how “For My Head” came about and what inspired the theme of the song?

‘For My Head’ is a heartfelt and soothing song that delves deep into emotions and the importance of honesty within relationships. In the song, Spyro and I highlight the certainty and commitment by reassuring our partners that the love we share is sincere and authentic.

Well, the creative process of ‘For My Head’ involved innovative teamwork between continents from working with Spyro and producer Marphy Jay collaborated from Dallas, Lagos, and Accra. We worked tirelessly through late-night virtual studio sessions and online transfers to craft the track.

The famous Lebanese audio expert and producer Moukhtar Doughan, who has collaborated with artists like Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo, and Maya Soufii, also brings his mastering expertise to enhance the excellence and sophistication of “For My Head”.

Your upcoming album, “Evergreen,” is highly anticipated. What can fans expect in terms of musical style and themes explored in the album?

My main aim and dedication about this project is to explore new musical frontiers and crafting a timeless masterpiece that transcends conventional music boundaries. My commitment to establish a long lasting musical legacy that resonates with audiences across generations is  the goal of creating an ‘EVERGREEN’ album.

The anticipation and excitement surrounding the upcoming release of this significant project underscore the impact it is expected to have on the music industry. It will be fascinating to witness how my innovative vision, passion, and unwavering dedication culminate in a musical opus that stands the test of time and leaves a lasting impression on music enthusiasts worldwide.

How do your personal experiences influence your songwriting?

Absolutely, my personal experiences play a crucial role in shaping my music. The emotions, memories, and stories I have encountered greatly influence the lyrics and melodies in my songs. By drawing inspiration from my own life, My music becomes more genuine and resonates with my audience on a deeper level. 

This authenticity adds richness and significance to my music, allowing listeners to connect with me in a profound way. My ability to infuse my unique experiences into my music gives it a personal touch that truly makes it stand out and be distinctive. I call it HONEST MUSIC.

Who are some of the artists and producers that have influenced your musical style over the years?

It’s great that I find inspiration in music legends like King Sunny Ade MFR, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, and Chief Ebenezer Obey. Drawing from their styles and creativity can really help me grow as an artist and create memorable music. On the foreign scene also I draw inspiration from great minds like Wyclef JeanAkon and Busy Signal just to mention a few. It’s awesome to see how these influences shape my musical journey.

You’ve received numerous awards and accolades. Which achievement are you most proud of and why?

My accolades and awards speak volumes about my talent and hard work! Winning the Best New Artist award at the Nigerian Music Video Awards at the start of my career was a fantastic achievement, and grabbing the Best Recording award at The Headies and the Tush Awards for my smash hit song ‘This Year’ really shows my musical prowess.

The Headies Award was a special moment that solidified my legacy and showcased my well-deserved recognition in the music industry. It’s amazing to see my dedication and talent being celebrated in such a meaningful way! But you know I’m not really an artist who believes so much in awards. I just wanna make more music that can stand the test of time.

What role does collaboration play in your creative process, and how do you choose the artists you work with?

Obviously, I can’t deny that collaborating with other artists generally brings fresh perspectives, new ideas, and diverse styles to music generally. I know that it helps artists reach a wider audience, tap into different fan bases, and also create unique and exciting music. When we have a good connection and mutual respect, it helps create awesome and meaningful music. It’s all about building a positive vibe.

As for choosing artists to collaborate with? I consider their musical style, values, work ethic, and how well we both vibe creatively. I tend to work with people who compliment my strengths, share my vision, and bring something special to the table.

Beyond your upcoming album, are there any new projects or ventures you’re particularly excited about?

For now, it’s just my upcoming album, ‘Evergreen,’ it’s definitely a fantastic gift from me to my fans. With thirteen tracks on the album, it’s going to be a musical treat for sure! I can’t wait for the world to hear the amazing music I have in store for us all!

Can you give us a sneak peek into any unique or experimental sounds or concepts that fans can look forward to on “Evergreen”?

Those pre-release singles ‘For My Head,’ ‘See Finish,’ and ‘This Year’ are already setting the stage for an incredible album! It’s no coincidence that my music always brings a unique vibe and I’m sure these tracks are just a taste of the awesomeness we can expect from the full ‘Evergreen’ album. It’s going to be a musical journey for sure! Be patient!