The Lucky Level Up with Breakup Anthem "Never Loved You"

The Lucky Level Up with Breakup Anthem “Never Loved You”

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Los Angeles outfit The Lucky is back with a new single and a record deal, signaling a fresh chapter for the rising pop-rock trio. “Never Loved You,” out now via Manic Kat Records, marks a shift in their sound, showcasing a more contemporary and infectious pop direction.

The track draws comparisons to acts like The Wldlfe, Valley, and The Band Camino, offering a potent blend of catchy hooks and relatable themes.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Manic Kat,” says frontman Tucker Click. “They’ve been incredibly supportive, and ‘Never Loved You’ really embodies the new direction we’re taking our music.”

This fresh direction comes after the band’s well-received 2022 debut EP, Headaches & Heartbreaks. Known for their sunny pop aesthetic, The Lucky showcased their knack for intricate guitar work and soaring melodies across the EP’s five tracks. Their Berklee College of Music pedigree shines through in their tight musicianship, seamlessly blending pop-punk, hip-hop, and alternative rock influences.

“Never Loved You” hints at an exciting evolution for The Lucky, one that promises to retain their core strengths while upping the anthemic appeal. Fans can expect more new music soon, with the band leveraging their newfound label partnership to propel them to the next level.