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Logan Avidan Shares Latest Single “Carried Away”

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New York City-based artist, model, and actor Logan Avidan returns with her newest single, “Carried Away.” The slow-burning ballad, tailored for Gen Z, is brimming with evocative lyrics and dynamic gang vocals. As her fourth release in just six months, this track offers another glimpse into her highly anticipated debut solo album, Hot And Bothered. Dive into the song’s immersive soundscape below.

Discussing the inspiration behind “Carried Away,” Avidan reveals, “‘Carried Away’ encapsulates the essence of introspection. It delves into that bittersweet sensation where one’s mind drifts away from the present moment, consumed by reflections on past or future experiences. Living in the vibrant chaos of NYC, surrounded by constant activity, can be exhilarating, yet it’s easy to find oneself getting lost in the whirlwind. This song captures the essence of being carried away by the excitement, the late nights, but most importantly, by one’s own thoughts and emotions.”

The music video, directed by Avidan’s close friend Savannah Kodish, vividly portrays this internal journey juxtaposed against the external world. Shot during a weekend night out with friends, the video offers a glimpse into the vibrant nightlife of NYC while illustrating the disconnect between reality and introspection.

Recording all her music at Sisserou Studios in Dumbo, Brooklyn, Avidan collaborates closely with her producer and co-writer John Eatherly. Renowned for his work with indie acts like Cults, Chairlift, and Public Access T.V., Eatherly brings a wealth of experience and creativity to their partnership. Together, they infuse Avidan’s music with a distinct energy, drawing from influences ranging from 2000s pop hits to contemporary indie sounds.

With each release, Logan Avidan solidifies her position as a rising star in the music scene, showcasing her talent and versatility. Stay tuned as she continues to captivate audiences with her unique sound and captivating storytelling.