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Toronto’s Gelax Unleash Ominous New Single “Loki”

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Following a creative break, Toronto’s darkwave/post-punk outfit Gelax re-emerges with a potent new single, “Loki.” Serving as the lead track from their upcoming album, Shhh…, “Loki” explodes from the speakers, a declaration of the band’s evolution and a harbinger of the weighty themes to come.

“The song just came effortlessly,” explains Gelax, referencing the social and political unrest that followed the COVID-19 pandemic. “‘Loki’ is the warning,” they continue, drawing a parallel between the shape-shifting Norse trickster god and the chaos and deception that arise when societal fractures go unaddressed.

“Loki” blends darkwave, post-punk, and electronic pop influences, showcasing Gelax’s signature sonic palette. The duo, comprised of vocalist Gelareh and multi-instrumentalist Tareq, have built a reputation for their unapologetically experimental approach and visually striking aesthetic. Their journey began with a string of acclaimed singles released between 2017 and 2019, culminating in the critically praised 2021 EP, Dreamonic. Gelax’s captivating live performances, featuring haunting visuals and a stunning wardrobe, have garnered support from the likes of CBC Radio, Toronto Guardian, and A&R Factory.

Shhh… serves as both a reintroduction and an explanation for Gelax’s recent hiatus. Conceived during the isolation of the pandemic and fueled by the Iranian Women Freedom Movement and ongoing struggles in Palestine, the album marks a significant shift towards a more ominous sound. Shhh… is Gelax’s most forceful work to date, layering synths, electric guitars, and driving rhythms beneath Gelareh’s soaring vocals. Introspective and reflective, the new album finds the band grappling with themes of cancel culture, freedom of expression, and more, showcasing a newfound vulnerability alongside their established confidence.

“Loki” is a powerful opening salvo, setting the stage for a dark and thought-provoking exploration on Shhh…