Ben Platt

Ben Platt Unveils Vulnerable New Single “Andrew,” First Taste of Upcoming Album Honeymind

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Award-winning artist Ben Platt offers a glimpse into his introspective new era with the release of the tender ballad “Andrew.” The stripped-back folk track, the lead single from his forthcoming album Honeymind, showcases Platt’s raw emotion and breathtaking vocals.

“Andrew” is a heartbreaking exploration of unrequited love. Over gentle acoustic guitar plucking, Platt delivers insightful lyrics about yearning for someone who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. Lines like “His hair falls in cool, careless waves without trying, goes days without crying but still treats me kind” capture the quiet torment of a one-sided affection.

Directed by Sam Wrench (known for his work with Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish), the accompanying music video complements the song’s minimalist aesthetic. The serene visuals perfectly capture the melancholic beauty of “Andrew.”

Produced by hitmakers Dave Cobb and Alex Hope, the song sets the tone for Honeymind, described as Platt’s most personal and unfiltered project to date. Platt recently revealed the inspiration behind the album’s title, sharing that it stemmed from a blissful moment during a hike with his partner. “Honeymind is an attempt to capture that feeling of love softening the edges and slowing everything down,” he explained.

The themes of love and self-discovery permeate Honeymind. Platt delves into navigating real love, appreciating it, and the personal growth required to be open to its possibilities.

“Andrew” marks the first new music from Platt since 2021’s Reverie. Despite the gap between albums, Platt has remained active, starring in the Broadway revival of Parade and the film Theater Camp.

“Andrew” and the forthcoming Honeymind usher in a new chapter for Ben Platt, one brimming with vulnerability and the promise of a deeply personal exploration of love and self-discovery.