Lily Williams Releases Heartfelt "If I Don’t Like You"

Lily Williams Releases Heartfelt Single “If I Don’t Like You”

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British-born singer-songwriter Lily Williams unveils her latest emotionally charged single, “If I Don’t Like You,” today via Overall Recordings/Atlantic Records. The introspective track adds to Williams’ growing catalog of deeply personal songs, including the poignant “Love You To Death,” “Learning Curve,” and “Things That Fall,” accompanied by official music videos available for streaming on YouTube.

Inspired by a friend’s heart-wrenching breakup experience, Williams shares, “One of my best friends went through a terrible heartbreak last year… That day I wrote ‘If I Don’t Like You’ and it is for her and for anyone who feels like they lost themselves a little after a breakup.”

In 2023, Williams embarked on Haley Joelle’s Me and My Past Tour as a special guest, captivating audiences with her soulful performances. Last year marked her label debut EP, How The Story Ends, featuring the hauntingly beautiful “Kinda Like The Heartbreak,” which gained traction through popular IG Reels and TikTok videos, accumulating over 1 million views. The EP, drawing influences from classic Disney scores to Sara Bareilles, showcases Williams’ talent with singles like “What If I Still Miss You?” and “When All The Love Is Gone,” alongside the profoundly moving title track, “How The Story Ends.”

Narrating life’s ups and downs through her music, Lily Williams blends elements of classical piano, jazz, and heartfelt storytelling. Her journey from a small town outside London to Berklee College of Music in Boston has shaped her unique sound, characterized by lullaby-like vocals and poignant lyricism. During the pandemic, Williams found solace in songwriting, leading to the creation of How The Story Ends, a collection of ten songs capturing her most intimate memories of love, loss, and self-discovery.

With over 10 million streams independently and a growing fanbase drawn to her authentic voice, Lily Williams continues to make waves in the music industry. Stay tuned as she shares more of her captivating storytelling and heartfelt melodies with audiences worldwide.