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Say Lou Lou Embrace Dreamy Ethereal Sounds with New Single “Wong Kar-wai”

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Say Lou Lou, the musical duo comprising Swedish/Australian sisters Elektra and Miranda Kilbey, marks their return to the music scene with a captivating new single titled “Wong Kar-wai.” Paying homage to the renowned director of the same name, the track showcases the twins’ signature delicate vocals harmonizing effortlessly with ethereal synths, delivering a refreshing dive into chic dream pop territory.

In their own words, Say Lou Lou describes the essence of “Wong Kar-wai” as a longing for escape, yearning for a reality that transcends the mundane. Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic storytelling of the esteemed filmmaker, the song captures the allure of chance encounters and the mysteries of fate.

This mesmerizing single serves as the first glimpse into Say Lou Lou’s upcoming project Dust, slated for release on April 26th. Promising to be their most vulnerable and honest work yet, Dust sees the duo experimenting with a new songwriting approach, incorporating personal poems and diary excerpts into their lyrical narratives.

The genesis of Dust coincided with a period of physical and creative separation for the sisters, as Elektra pursued filming endeavors abroad while Miranda delved into screenwriting and creative directing. The resulting EP reflects the evolution of their bond amidst life changes and intense break-ups, encapsulating the essence of Say Lou Lou’s artistic rebirth.

Beyond their musical endeavors, Elektra and Miranda continue to make waves in the fashion world, maintaining a prominent presence in high-profile campaigns for brands like Gucci and Calvin Klein. Their distinctive style and artistic vision have solidified their status as influential figures in both the music and fashion industries.

As Say Lou Lou prepares to embark on this new chapter with Dust, fans can anticipate a sublime fusion of evocative storytelling and mesmerizing soundscapes, reaffirming their position as purveyors of ethereal pop excellence.