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nascar aloe Unleashes Ferocious Single “SKIDROW” Ahead of SPEED EP Release

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Los Angeles-based alt-rapper, nascar aloe, storms onto the scene with his latest single, “SKIDROW,” accompanied by an electrifying music video. Inspired by his current dwelling in the heart of DTLA’s infamous Skid Row district, the track serves as a raw anthem for those dwelling on society’s fringes. With a pulsating rhythm akin to a high-speed chase, nascar intertwines syncopated drums and aggressive synths, complemented by a melodic hip-hop hook. “SKIDROW” is a sneak peek into his forthcoming EP, SPEED, slated for release on March 15th.

Shifting gears from the rock-infused soundscape of his 2023 EP HEY ASSHOLE!, SPEED ventures into uncharted sonic territory, blending alternative hip-hop with glitchy techno elements and the gritty distortion reminiscent of old-school gabber influences. Embracing crust-punk ethos, nascar lyrically denounces societal ills such as war, police brutality, and capitalism. The EP serves as a visceral critique of the establishment, delivered with nascar’s signature gutter punk flair, accompanied by striking visuals and confrontational bars.

Fuelled by profound emotions of anger and solitude, aloe sought an outlet for his rawest and most frenetic expressions yet. Thus, the SPEED EP was conceived, characterized by its relentless tempo and ferocious cadence, intended to provoke a visceral response from its listeners. In nascar’s own words, the project is designed to evoke a seething fury akin to an impending earthquake along the San Andreas fault line.

Hailing from Lexington, North Carolina, nascar aloe embarked on his musical journey in 2013, using rhyme as a means of self-expression. However, it wasn’t until his immersion in hardcore punk during high school that he found his unique sonic blend, seamlessly merging hip-hop and punk influences. With three EPs, two full-length albums, and a partnership with Epitaph Records under his belt, nascar aloe boasts over 1 million monthly streams and a dedicated following of over 340K across social media platforms. As he continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his unapologetically rebellious stance, nascar aloe stands poised for even greater acclaim and recognition.