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UZ & TroyBoi Drop Infectious Collaboration “IBTFY”

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Trap heavyweights UZ and TroyBoi have joined forces once again to deliver their latest groovy trap single, “IBTFY,” released via Monstercat Uncaged. Serving as their highly-anticipated second collaboration, “IBTFY” maintains an electrifying fusion of punchy beats and raw melodic notes, creating a captivating track bound to dominate dancefloors worldwide.

Reflecting on the creative process behind the song, UZ shares, “Troyboi and I both kicked off our music journeys at the start of the trap movement. After chatting online for ages, we finally met up this year at a London show. It was definitely overdue. Sharing the stage with him was a total standout moment. We began tossing around song ideas, and some just clicked instantly. I feel that the modern trap sound is a bit too saturated and overdone. Our aim was to create a feel-good track that harkens back to the roots. Our styles sync up well – straightforward yet packed with punch and bass. I’m pretty confident we’ve got a killer track on our hands.”

Echoing UZ’s sentiments, TroyBoi adds, “Collaborating with UZ on this track was really seamless. He sent me the idea that he had in mind and immediately I knew I could hear what I could add to it. We both came up together during the Soundcloud era and this track felt like an homage to that time. UZ and I had just finished working on our first collaboration so this was a very complementary heavy hitting track to follow it up with.”

With a career spanning nearly two decades, UZ has left an indelible mark on the global bass scene. From his early days as DJ Troubl to his emergence as UZ with the renowned Trap Shit series in 2012, he has continued to push boundaries and redefine genres. With numerous genre-defying classics under his belt, including collaborations with major artists such as Ice Cube and T-Pain, UZ remains a formidable force in the music industry, championing rising artists through his own label and delivering dynamic live performances at festivals around the world.

Equally renowned for his dynamic trap stylings, TroyBoi has solidified his status as a true icon in the genre. With millions of streams to his name and collaborations with industry heavyweights like Diplo and Justin Bieber, TroyBoi continues to push the boundaries of electronic music while captivating audiences with his infectious beats. With both artists gearing up for live tour dates to be announced soon, “IBTFY” sets the stage for an exciting year ahead for UZ and TroyBoi fans alike.

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