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Yot Club Unveils Second Album ‘Rufus’ Alongside Debut Single “Pixel”

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Yot Club, the brainchild of Brooklyn-based musician Ryan Kaiser, is set to captivate listeners with his upcoming album, Rufus, scheduled for release on March 29th via Amuse. Accompanying this exciting announcement is the debut single from the album, “Pixel,” along with an engaging music video directed by Ben Turok.

Pixel, a moody and retro-futuristic track, offers a glimpse into the sonic landscape of Rufus. With a fast-tempo drumbeat and a cascading guitar hook, Kaiser’s slightly distorted vocals explore a world seen through a unique lens, declaring, “I see the world in such a way that was not meant for any man, no.” The music video complements the lo-fi sound of the track, featuring vignettes of Kaiser and friends on a night in New York City, each on their individual journey, evoking feelings of nostalgia.

Kaiser explains the inspiration behind Pixel, stating, “This song is about getting caught up in your own life and technology in relation to self-importance and how you see yourself.” Delving into the complexities of modern existence, the track navigates the challenges of appreciating one’s circumstances in an era dominated by the comparison game.

Rufus, the highly anticipated follow-up to Kaiser’s collaborative singles with spill tab and Jordana in 2023, promises a more profound and vulnerable exploration of Yot Club’s musings. The 13-track album delves into themes of juxtaposition, introspection, and nostalgia, showcasing Kaiser’s signature lo-fi sound and relatable storytelling. Collaborating with esteemed songwriters such as Tommy English, Harrison Lipton, and Charli Adams, with mixing by Patrick Wimberly, Rufus presents a collection of songs that exude boldness and brightness.

From the shimmering surf-pop of the opener, Stuntman, to the minor chord angst of New Day, and the Strokesian swoon of album closer Lazy Eyes, Kaiser’s lo-fi hooks embrace a new cinematic scope.

Rufus is more than just an album; it’s a series of snapshots capturing the essence of Kaiser’s experiences—a journey through bad relationships, fresh realizations, and the pursuit of creative utopia in a new city. It reflects Kaiser’s coming of age, a continual process of looking back, dissecting, working through, and pushing forward.

Since adopting the Yot Club moniker in 2019, Kaiser has garnered over one billion global streams, releasing platinum-certified singles like YKWIM? His debut album in 2022 and a sold-out U.S. headlining tour marked significant milestones in his career. Catch Yot Club’s live performance at Kilby Court Block Party in Salt Lake City in May, and stay tuned for more captivating releases from this indie-pop sensation.