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Eli Wilson Unveils Raw Emotion in His Latest Single, “Over My Head”

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Eli Wilson, the emerging Gen-Z troubadour hailing from Michigan, introduces his latest single, “Over My Head,” under the 10K Projects label. The song, released today, is an intimate anthem driven by Wilson’s stunning falsetto and delicately strummed acoustic guitars. With breathy verses transitioning into a confessional yet catchy chorus, the track showcases Wilson’s impressive vocal range, moving seamlessly from vulnerability to visceral emotion.

Listening to “Over My Head” offers an immediate connection to Eli Wilson’s emotions. His straightforward honesty and impassioned delivery cut through, allowing genuine emotion to permeate his heartfelt songwriting. In this single, Wilson skillfully blurs the lines between pop, folk, emo, and alternative genres.

Dedicating himself to his musical craft, Eli Wilson immersed himself in writing and recording sessions at his home in Michigan. Balancing a job at Papa John’s, he also leveraged platforms like TikTok to share his music, organically building a fanbase. Tracks such as “Problems,” “Holiday,” and “50/50” gained traction across various digital streaming platforms, accumulating over 2.3 million “likes” on TikTok.

In 2023, Wilson experienced a significant breakthrough with “I Always Feel” in collaboration with Promoting Sounds, amassing over 10 million streams across both the original and sped-up versions. As the year came to a close, it became clear that this success was only a prelude to what Eli Wilson has in store for 2024, promising more compelling music from the talented artist.