Cooper Phillip Releases Sultry '90s , "She's A Player"

Cooper Phillip Releases Sultry ’90s Inspired Single, “She’s A Player”

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Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and social media influencer, Cooper Phillip, has unveiled her latest single, “She’s A Player.” This seductive and enticing track draws inspiration from the ’90s, featuring Cooper’s silky vocals and downtempo R&B beats, creating a captivating sonic experience.

In “She’s A Player,” Cooper shares her perspective on love and empowerment, revealing, “I wrote She’s A Player about looking to fall in love and found that by finding my own empowerment and ultimate acceptance, I essentially found the greatest love is one from within.”

A classically trained musician hailing from Russia, Cooper Phillip has emerged as a bold force in pop music and culture, characterized by her skyscraping voice, unapologetic hustle, and distinctive attitude. Garnering millions of streams and acclaim from publications like WONDERLAND., American Songwriter, Earmilk, and Hollywood Life, Cooper is establishing herself as an influential artist on her own terms.

With a series of singles in 2024 and much more on the horizon, Cooper amplifies her voice on the global stage. Reflecting on her journey, she shares, “I went through some quiet time of transformation, but I know who I truly am as an artist now. I’m making honest music and talking about things that matter.”

Raised in Saratov, Russia, Cooper’s early exposure to classical music, coupled with her affinity for R&B legends like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, shaped her musical prowess. After relocating to New York City at 19, she navigated the city’s music scene, performing everywhere from local clubs to weddings, honing her craft and surviving the hustle.

Moving to Los Angeles proved to be a pivotal moment for Cooper, where she evolved one single at a time, building a substantial following on Instagram. Songs like “Party By Myself” and “Not Perfect” garnered significant Spotify streams, while her track “Head Over Heels” was praised for its feel-good vibe and empowering elements.

In “She’s A Player,” Cooper continues to transmit an uplifting and undeniable message through her music. As she puts it, “I’m just a free soul with lots of ideas on how to make this world a happier place. When you listen to me, I hope you take away self-observation and power. I want you to know you can listen to your gut and your heart. Believe, create, be happy, and make your own decisions. I want to show you it’s possible to be strong.”