The Losers Club Energizes Pop-Punk Scene with Latest Single "Soft Boy Anthem"

The Losers Club Energizes Pop-Punk Scene with Latest Single “Soft Boy Anthem”

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The Losers Club, hailing from Denver, is riding a wave of growing acclaim in the pop-punk arena with their latest release, “Soft Boy Anthem.” This new single comes on the heels of their triumphant win at Channel 93.3’s Hometown For The Holidays and symbolizes a fresh and exciting start for the band in the new year.

“Soft Boy Anthem” is a vibrant showcase of what makes pop-punk resonate with fans: dynamic guitar riffs and catchy, chant-along vocals that capture the essence of the genre. This track is not just a song but an anthem in its own right, perfectly crafted to be the soundtrack of the new year for pop-punk enthusiasts.

Adding to the excitement, fans have the opportunity to experience The Losers Club’s electrifying energy live. The band is set to open for Guttermouth later this month at HQ, promising a show that’s not to be missed. Tickets for this much-anticipated performance are available now.

“Soft Boy Anthem” is more than just a single; it’s a statement from The Losers Club, showcasing their ability to craft music that’s both infectious and reflective of the pop-punk spirit. Listen to the new anthem below and get ready to add it to your playlist of year-defining tracks.