Alvvays Overcomes Nerves for a Captivating Tiny Desk Concert Debut

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Alvvays, the indie sensation, conquered their nerves to make a long-awaited debut on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series. For many artists, this performance is a coveted opportunity, and Alvvays joined the ranks of esteemed acts who have graced the Tiny Desk stage.

Ahead of their 2024 North American tour, Alvvays gathered at NPR’s headquarters, featuring guitarist Alec O’Hanley, keyboard player Kerri MacLellan, bassist Abbey Blackwell, drummer Sheridan Riley, and lead singer Molly Rankin. In an intimate setting surrounded by small office furniture, they delivered a performance filled with the moody and melodic tunes that have become their signature.

The set kicked off with “Belinda Says,” during which Rankin addressed the audience, expressing gratitude and acknowledging the courage it took for them to finally appear on Tiny Desk. “Hi! Thanks for coming to this. It’s been a long time coming. We’ve not worked up the courage to do this… until today,” she admitted, breaking the ice.

As they progressed through their setlist, which included the songs “Pressed,” “Very Online Guy,” and “Tile By Tile,” Rankin visibly grew more comfortable. She even lightened the mood with a playful joke about taking over for Bob Boilen, the creator of Tiny Desk Concerts, after his retirement. “We met some of the NPR staff a few nights ago at a restaurant, which was sweet. But we made a backdoor deal that I was taking over for Bob [Boilen] after he retired. Thanks for the thirty-five years, but yeah,” she quipped.

Closing the set with “Very Online Guy” and “Tile By Tile,” Alvvays left a lasting impression on their first Tiny Desk Concert appearance, marking a milestone in their musical journey.

Watch the full performance of Alvvays on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert above.