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Highlights of the Best New Indie Music Releases This Week

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As the year winds down, indie music continues to captivate audiences with its diverse and unconventional sounds. Here’s a glimpse of some standout releases that caught our attention:

Graham Hunt – Try Not To Laugh

Madison, Wisconsin’s Graham Hunt, known for his diverse musical background in hardcore punk, garage rock, and alt-country, showcases his power-pop prowess on his fourth solo record, Try Not To Laugh. The album blends sweet vocal melodies, gritty production, and unconventional arrangements, offering a musical journey that spans various genres.

Wishy – Paradise

Kevin Krautner and Nina Pitchkites, the duo behind Wishy, are on the brink of a breakthrough with their debut EP, “Paradise.” Drawing inspiration from shoegaze, ’90s alt-rock, and twee-pop, Wishy’s sound is a fusion of hooky melodies and nostalgic influences. The EP, featuring tracks like “Donut” and the title track, lives up to its name, creating a musical paradise for listeners.

Hermanos GutiĆ©rrez – “Blood Milk Moon”

Swiss-Ecuadorian brothers Estevan and Alejandro GutiĆ©rrez, known as Hermanos GutiĆ©rrez, deliver an entrancing and meditative experience with their latest single, “Blood Milk Moon.” Produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, the track features the brothers’ hypnotic guitar arrangements, weaving seamlessly through a sonic labyrinth.

Swim Good Now – “The Blinding Light”

Toronto artist Jonathan Lawless, aka Swim Good Now, collaborates with a lineup of talented friends for his latest single, “The Blinding Light.” Featuring backing vocals from Gia Margaret, Torquil Campbell of Stars, and more, the track is a testament to the camaraderie among artists. “The Blinding Light” captures the essence of a musical hangout among close friends.

Liquid Mike – “K2”

Hailing from Marquette, Michigan, power-pop-punkers Liquid Mike are on a roll with their energetic and catchy sound. Following their 2023 album “S/T,” the band is gearing up for a new release, “Paul Bunyanā€™s Slingshot.” The lead single, “K2,” continues their tradition of fiery guitar chords, driving drums, and infectious melodies.

Finnoguns Wake – “Lovers All”

Finnoguns Wake, with only two songs to their name, is making waves with their hardcore-rooted sound. The upcoming debut EP, Stay Young, promises a blend of punk, Britpop melodicism, and post-punk crunch. “Lovers All” showcases the band’s intensity and resilience.

Madeline Kenney – The Same, Again: ANRM (Tiny Telephone Sessions)

Oakland singer-songwriter Madeline Kenney offers a graceful recontextualization of her fourth album, “A New Reality Mind.” Recorded on a grand piano at Tiny Telephone Oakland, The Same, Again: ANRM (Tiny Telephone Sessions) unveils the compelling foundation of Kenney’s songwriting in a new light.

Hey, Ily! – “The Second Coming Of Jekyll & Hyde (12 Days Of Chillmas)”

Hey, Ily! treats listeners to a unique blend of Nintendocore, goth, and emo with their latest single, “The Second Coming Of Jekyll & Hyde (12 Days Of Chillmas).” The track’s distinctive sound makes it a perfect holiday season soundtrack for both cozy moments and intense Super Smash Bros. Ultimate matches.

As indie music continues to evolve and push boundaries, these releases stand out as testament to the genre’s rich diversity and the innovation of indie artists.