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Byron Juane Releases Heartfelt R&B Anthem “Take It Personal”

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Rising R&B artist Byron Juane bares his soul in his latest release, “Take It Personal,” a song he co-wrote and co-produced. The track features Juane addressing the strains in a relationship, singing candidly to an unappreciative lover over a backdrop of sparse guitar melodies.

Opening with the lines, “I never said you had to be perfect / I said I wanted trust / Always gave you my all / As long as you knew what it was,” Juane delivers raw and honest lyrics exploring the complexities of love and connection.

“Take It Personal” serves as the culmination of Juane’s prolific year of releases, including tracks like “Needs & Wants” and “Bands On You.” Notable collaborations in 2023 include “It’s Okay” with Derek Minor, Susan Carol, and Greg James, and “Savage” with Is This Cam?

In 2022, Juane released the project A Little Crazy after concluding a tour with Kenyon Dixon. The album, featuring eight tracks and a guest appearance from Xavier Omär, represents a significant chapter in Juane’s life, marked by personal growth, challenges, and self-discovery.

Reflecting on the album, Juane shares, “This album marks a huge time stamp in my life. So many things changed when this album was made. I moved out of the house for the first time. I gained new friends, but I also lost some. I experienced love in every capacity.”

He adds, “I started to truly find myself as a person. And that person is not perfect…he is, in fact, a mess. But he is honest, and that is just what this project portrays. This is a start of a new era and THIS is when everything changes.”

Later in the year, Juane reissued A Little Crazy with acoustic versions of select tracks, further showcasing his versatility as an artist. As he wraps up the year, Juane continues to make waves in the R&B scene, with “Take It Personal” being a poignant addition to his growing discography.

Fans can stream Byron Juane’s latest offering, “Take It Personal,” for an intimate and emotionally charged musical experience that resonates with authenticity.