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Idles Urges for Compassion in Soulful New Single, “Grace,” from Upcoming Album TANGK

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Idles, the dynamic force in the indie music scene, has unleashed a soul-stirring new single, “Grace,” following the infectious beats of their dancefloor anthem, “Dancer.” The track is a preview from their highly anticipated upcoming album, TANGK.

In contrast to the energetic vibe of “Dancer,” “Grace” takes a more contemplative turn, encouraging listeners to embrace love and kindness. Against the backdrop of slow-burning drums and a downtempo cadence, lead vocalist Joe Talbot delivers an emotional plea through silky vocals and poignant lyrics.

“Give me grace / Make me pure / When they’re knocking at my door / Make me safe / Away from harm / Hold me in my brother’s arms / Make me pure,” resonates Talbot in the introductory lines of the song.

The production of “Grace” is primarily credited to Nigel Godrich, renowned for his work with Radiohead, The Smile, and Beck. Talbot shared insights into the song’s creation, stating, “The song came from nowhere and everything. It was a breath and a call to be held. The only words or singing that came from our sessions with Nigel, and I needed it, truly. All is love.”

Scheduled for release on February 16, 2024, via Partisan Records, TANGK promises to showcase Idles’ musical evolution. The band is not only making waves in the studio but is also gearing up for a tour with dates across North America, Latin America, and Europe.

As fans eagerly await the full album, “Grace” stands as a testament to Idles’ ability to deliver powerful and emotive messages through their music, solidifying their position as influential voices in the indie genre.