Reneé Rapp

Reneé Rapp and Coco Jones Offer Soulful Remix in “Tummy Hurts”

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Reneé Rapp, known for her critically acclaimed debut album Snow Angel, has unveiled a deluxe edition featuring four new tracks, including a remix of the fan-favorite “Tummy Hurts.” Joining forces with Coco Jones, Rapp takes listeners on an emotional journey through the aftermath of a broken relationship.

In the chorus, Rapp sings, “Now my tummy hurts, he’s in love with her / But for what it’s worth, they’d make beautiful babies / And raise them up to be a couple of f*cking monsters like their mother and their father,” encapsulating the pain and bitterness that often accompany heartbreak.

Jones adds a soulful touch in the second verse, providing a poignant perspective on the situation. With powerful vocals, the duo explores the cyclical nature of mistakes and the consequences of one’s choices.

Apart from their musical talents, both Rapp and Jones are accomplished actresses. Jones portrays Hilary Banks in Peacock’s Bel-Air, while Rapp brings Leighton Murray to life in The Sex Lives Of College Girls. Additionally, Rapp is set to make her feature film debut as Regina George in the movie-musical adaptation of Mean Girls in January.

Listen to the emotionally charged remix of “Tummy Hurts” above, where Rapp and Jones deliver a compelling blend of vocals and soulful storytelling.