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BIBI and Becky G’s Steamy Heist in “Amigos” Music Video

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In a tantalizing collaboration, Latin music superstar Becky G and K-Pop sensation BIBI join forces for their new single, “Amigos,” released on November 17. The track delves into the complexities of past relationships, as the two artists navigate the challenge of remaining friends while being committed to new partners.

The chorus, sung in Spanish over a lively, percussive beat, captures the essence of the song: “I know we had a good time and that you always want more / But if my boyfriend calls, we’re just friends, nothing more.” The hip-hop influence is evident, reflecting BIBI’s appreciation for the genre, as she previously expressed in an interview with AllKPop.

In the accompanying music video, BIBI and Becky G take on the roles of cunning accomplices in a luxurious heist. Set against the backdrop of a lush resort, the duo attracts the attention of several men before making off with jewelry and stacks of cash, ultimately escaping in a vintage car.

Watch the seductive and action-packed video for “Amigos” here.