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Gracie Abrams Unveils Emotional Soundscape “Cedar” for Apple TV+’s The Buccaneers

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In a poignant exploration of heartache, Gracie Abrams lends her soulful voice to “Cedar,” a haunting track featured in Apple TV+’s latest series, The Buccaneers. Produced by Aaron Dessner of The National and Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint, the song serves as a powerful addition to the show’s evocative soundtrack.

“Cedar” delves into the complexities of a harrowing breakup, with Abrams reflecting on lost love, deceit, and self-discovery. Over a chilling instrumental, she weaves a narrative that questions the sincerity of a past lover and grapples with the aftermath of emotional turmoil.

Mozgawa, the producer behind the album, curated a remarkable lineup of female artists to contribute to the musical tapestry accompanying the television adaptation of Edith Wharton‘s unfinished novel, The Buccaneers. The collaboration showcases a collective effort to capture the essence of each character’s journey through song, resulting in a compelling and emotionally charged soundtrack.

Abrams’ soul-stirring vocals and the atmospheric production create a sonic landscape that resonates with the universal themes of heartbreak and introspection. The chorus, where Abrams laments the complexities of the relationship, is particularly striking, encapsulating the emotional core of the song.

As “Cedar” finds its place in the soundtrack of The Buccaneers, Gracie Abrams adds another layer of emotional depth to the series. The song stands not only as a powerful standalone piece but also as a testament to the collaborative spirit of female artists shaping the sonic narrative of the show.