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The Kid Laroi’s Emotional Ballad “Bleed” Previews Upcoming Debut Album

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As The Kid Laroi ‘s highly-anticipated debut album, The First Time, is just around the corner, the Australian sensation has gifted fans with a heartfelt sneak peek. On November 2, Laroi released “Bleed,” a poignant guitar-driven ballad that showcases his raw, emotional vocals.

In “Bleed,” Laroi grapples with the difficulty of moving on after a breakup, while his former lover appears to have effortlessly transitioned to a new chapter. His evocative lyrics in the chorus capture the essence of heartache: “How did your heart mend so easy? / Mine still bleeds. Hard to believe you don’t need me. All those memories we made are burnin’ in my brain.”

Continuing his tradition of delivering visually striking content, Laroi accompanies “Bleed” with a haunting music video directed by Ramez Silyan. The video depicts Laroi in a dreamlike state, struggling against drowning and then being revived by a woman, portrayed by Ryley Ladd, who symbolizes his past love. These vivid scenes are juxtaposed with moments of Laroi recklessly riding his bike off the road, only to wake and face the emotional wreckage left in the aftermath.

The Kid Laroi’s debut album, The First Time, is set for release on November 10 via Columbia Records, promising to be a remarkable addition to his body of work.

You can listen to the emotionally charged “Bleed” here: