Jennie of BLACKPINK Releases Enchanting Solo Single “You & Me”

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Over the past five years, BLACKPINK has risen to become one of the biggest names in K-Pop. Much of their success can be attributed to the group’s collective star power and the individual talents of its members. On October 6, Jennie is the latest BLACKPINK member to unveil solo music, and she does so with her new single, “You & Me.”

In “You & Me,” Jennie discovers a newfound and joyful love, reveling in the comfort and happiness she experiences when she’s with her special someone. The song’s pulsating bass beats emulate the rhythm of a heartbeat, perfectly capturing the euphoria she feels.

“I love you and me dancing in the moonlight / Nobody can see, it’s just you and me tonight,” she croons in the chorus.

This track marks Jennie’s first solo release since 2018, appropriately titled “Solo.” She had previously performed “You & Me” during BLACKPINK’s Born Pink tour, which spanned the past year. Despite receiving an official release just now, a year after her initial performance, the song has already become a fan favorite among Blinks.

Now, fans can finally enjoy “You & Me” as Jennie embarks on an exciting new solo era.

Listen to “You & Me” here.