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Cleo Sol Releases New Album Gold

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Cleo Sol has delighted her fans with the release of her new album, Gold, which arrives just two weeks after her previous album, Heaven. This 10-track project is a testament to Cleo Sol’s musical prowess and was produced by her frequent collaborator, Inflo, known for his work with artists like Adele and Little Simz.

In a heartfelt handwritten letter to her fans, Cleo Sol expressed the inspiration behind the album. She wrote, “My new album ‘Gold’ is out. Thank you for riding this wave with me. Thank you for tuning in. This album was made for God—to honor and give thanks. Always. Many tears, felt fear, pushed through anyway. That was so key.”

Cleo Sol also thanked Inflo, highlighting their mutual commitment to pushing each other to be their best selves and use their creative gifts. She expressed hope that they make God proud through their work.

“Gold” is the follow-up to Cleo Sol’s Heaven album, which was released on September 15. Cleo Sol’s deep connection with her music is evident as she stated, “I pour my heart and soul into the music, and it is very sacred to me. We don’t play with music; it is a gift that I am grateful to God for.”

Both Heaven and Gold come after Cleo Sol’s 2021 album, Mother. The album Mother was born from a transformative experience as Cleo Sol became a mother herself. She described it as a beautiful and growing experience that led to the creation of the album.

Stream Cleo Sol’s latest album, Gold, below.