AMAKA Releases Debut EP Oasis

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Jessica Nwokike, previously part of the R&B duo VanJess and now performing under the name AMAKA, has unveiled her debut solo EP titled Oasis.

This collection of six songs includes tracks like “Cruisin‘,” “Leave it Behind,” and the title track. Notably, every song on the EP was produced by Kaytranada, who has a history of collaboration with VanJess.

The lead single from the EP, “Cruisin’,” holds significant personal inspiration for AMAKA. Reflecting on its creation, she shared “‘Cruisin’ was the first song that I wrote after my dad passed away in 2021. I really wanted to write something to empower myself and overcome. That was really the theme of it — to keep going.”

She further explained, “‘Cruisin’ is kind of a substitute of saying like, ‘Keep going on. Keep cruisin’ on. I just wanted to write something that made me feel powerful, made be feel strong, made me feel like I could do anything at a time where I felt the complete opposite.”

In the track “Unfamiliar,” AMAKA navigates a room in search of her group, eventually deciding to exit in order to avoid interactions with individuals she considers beneath her.

The song “Hold Tight” finds AMAKA granting a former romantic interest a second chance. Despite previous relationship difficulties, she acknowledges that they’ll return with sweet gestures after facing their commitment issues.

In a family collaboration, AMAKA joins forces with her sister, Ivana Nwokike, to co-write the closing song of the EP, “Undercover.”

Describing the concept behind Oasis, AMAKA explained, “An oasis by definition is a place you find and this oasis is one we can all find together; a vibe, an energy and a place people can escape to and let the music takes them into feeling their most confident, free and thriving self.

She concluded, “I wrote these songs on the journey to finding that place within myself and I hope listening to Oasis brings people to it too.”

Experience AMAKA’s debut project “Oasis” by listening below.