RAAHiiM Shares New Album ‘But if iiM Honest’

RAAHiiM Drops Reflective Sophomore Album But if iiM Honest

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RAAHiiM, the emerging R&B singer and songwriter, has unveiled his latest album, titled But if iiM Honest’. This sophomore release follows his debut album, ii KNEW BETTER, which was released in 2020.

The album features a range of talented producers including dvsn’s Nineteen85 (known for collaborations with Drake and Nicki Minaj), Vinylz (who has worked with artists like Chris Brown and Jamie Foxx), Yogi (credited with Victoria Monét and Diddy), Luca (known for projects with Mariah Carey and Bryson Tiller), among others.

Spanning over 30 minutes, But if iiM Honest offers listeners an introspective journey into RAAHiiM‘s thoughts and experiences. Through the album, he delves into topics such as reevaluating his dependencies in “No More Drugs,” navigating the challenges of love in “Friend Zone,” addressing feelings of isolation in “Lonely,” and reminiscing about better times in “2007.”


One standout track on the album is “1000 Lives,” where RAAHiiM showcases his versatility with an alt-pop sound. The song features poignant lyrics like “You can’t keep drinking all night just to wonder where your day goes,” paired with electric guitar riffs and syncopated handclaps.

RAAHiiM describes But if iiM Honest as an exploration of his relationship with love and life, especially considering the current times and the challenges that come with aging.

Prior to the album’s release, the Toronto-native dropped four tracks as a preview: “Spin the Block,” “Outside Freestyle,” “Too Good,” and “Famous (Lost to LA).”

In addition to his solo work, RAAHiiM collaborated with Shantel May on Rory’s 2022 track “Not Me,” featured on Rory’s compilation album I Thought I’d Be Different, which was released earlier this year.

Experience RAAHiiM’s reflective sophomore album, But if iiM Honest, by streaming it below.