Tobe Nwigwe

Tobe Nwigwe Collaborates with Steph Curry for “Lil Fish, Big Pond” Music Video

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Houston-based rapper Tobe Nwigwe is renowned for pairing his lyrically and melodically impactful tracks with visually captivating cinematic experiences. His latest offering, “Lil Fish, Big Pond,” not only delivers on this promise but also features NBA superstar Stephen Curry in a visually stunning music video.

The track’s chorus, with lines like “Lil’ fish (Woah), big pond (Woah) / Big splash (Woah), big bag,” feels tailor-made for Curry, who is also known for his impressive presence both on and off the basketball court. Curry’s connection to the track is further emphasized by his appearance in the Apple TV+ documentary “Underrated,” which delves into his life and journey.

As the song progresses, Nwigwe‘s signature percussive beats build up, creating an even catchier and more engaging atmosphere. In the accompanying music video, Curry not only serves as Nwigwe’s costar but also delivers alternating lines, effectively co-signing Nwigwe’s bars.

The video begins with Curry and Nwigwe in a boat, both clad in Nwigwe’s distinctive mint green color. Curry lip-syncs parts of the first verse, seamlessly blending with the song’s rhythm. The track and video then transition to a basketball stadium, where the dynamic duo is surrounded by a group of dancers also dressed in mint green attire, including Nwigwe’s wife, Martica “Fat” Nwigwe. The vibrant visuals and choreography enhance the song’s impact, making for an impressive music video.

As the video concludes, Curry and Nwigwe return to the boat, showcasing the same captivating dancers scattered across surrounding boats.

Lil Fish, Big Pond” is now available for streaming on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. The accompanying music video adds an extra layer of visual excitement to Tobe Nwigwe’s impactful musical creation.