Best New Pop Music Releases of the Week: Kali Uchis, Bebe Rexha, and More

Best New Pop Music Releases of the Week: Kali Uchis, Bebe Rexha, and More

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August brings a fresh wave of vibrant pop music releases, keeping up with the fast-paced and energetic spirit of the season. Max Martin‘s famous words, “Pop music follows the evolution of society in general: Everything moves faster,” ring true as the music scene continues to deliver catchy and bubbly tunes that reflect the excitement of summer. Here’s a roundup of the best new pop music from this week that will surely make you want to hit the dance floor and sing along.

Doja Cat – “Paint The Town Red

Doja Cat makes a triumphant return with “Paint The Town Red,” marking the beginning of a new era for the artist. The track combines a catchy chorus with Doja’s signature rapping style as she addresses the ups and downs of fame, embracing it with unapologetic confidence.

Bebe Rexha, David Guetta – “One In A Million

Collaborators Bebe Rexha and David Guetta unite once again with “One In A Million.” Rexha’s vocals bring out the rarity of romance, perfectly complemented by Guetta’s electronic beats. The track captures the feeling of destiny bringing two people together.

Kali Uchis – “Muñekita

Kali Uchis teams up with City Girls’ JT and El Alfa for the captivating “Muñekita.” The unlikely pairing creates a fun and sexy track, capturing Uchis’ intention to make a unique and enticing song that stands out.

Itzy – “Cake

Itzy delights fans with the release of their new mini-album, featuring the lighthearted track “Cake.” The song comes with an engaging choreography showcased in the music video, where the band’s unity and style shine through.


K-Pop sensation XG brings the carefree and empowering track “TGIF” to the scene. The song is a perfect addition to any weekend playlist, encouraging listeners to celebrate with friends and enjoy the moment.

Lauv – “Love U Like That

Lauv introduces a new era with “Love U Like That,” a song that explores the journey of discovering unexpected feelings and embracing them without judgment. The track marks a proud beginning for the artist’s upcoming musical journey.

Jai Wolf, Banks – “Don’t Look Down

Jai Wolf collaborates with Banks on the mesmerizing “Don’t Look Down,” allowing Banks’ vocals to take center stage. The electronic track builds up to an exhilarating chorus, creating a captivating musical experience.

Tones And I – “The Greatest

Tones And I celebrates the power of strong women with “The Greatest.” The track is a testament to empowerment and courage, inspiring listeners to embrace their strength and stand tall.

Savana Santos – “Cheater

Savana Santos takes a unique approach in “Cheater,” admitting her role as the cheater in a relationship. Her soothing vocals juxtaposed with honest lyrics create a captivating narrative.

Ari Abdul – “Make Me Cry” (feat. Deadbeat Girl)

Ari Abdul‘s collaboration with Deadbeat Girl delivers a heavy electronic beat in “Make Me Cry.” The track features dynamic verses between the two artists, creating an engaging and impactful musical exchange.

As the pop music scene continues to evolve, these new releases showcase the diversity and creativity that define the genre. With catchy melodies, powerful vocals, and memorable lyrics, these tracks offer the perfect soundtrack for embracing the energy of summer.