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Best New Pop Music Releases: Carly Rae Jepsen, Jonas Brothers, Anne-Marie, and More

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This week brings a diverse mix of upbeat releases, a special remix from a well-known band, and some soulful tunes to ease us into the fall season. Let’s dive into the best new pop music from this week!

Carly Rae Jepsen — “Psychedelic Switch

Carly Rae Jepsen makes a delightful return with her brand new album, The Loveliest Time, a counter version of her 2022 release, The Loneliest Time. The track garnering the most attention is “Psychedelic Switch,” which skillfully combines dance and disco influences, enhanced with a trippy instrumental breakdown that loops Jepsen’s mesmerizing voice.

Busted, Jonas Brothers — “Year 3000 2.0

For fans of the Jonas Brothers, it might come as a surprise that their hit “Year 3000” is actually a cover of a track by the band Busted. To celebrate this connection, both bands join forces for a fun collaboration titled “Year 3000 2.0,” blending their unique takes on the beloved song.

Holly Humberstone, D4vd — “Superbloodmoon

Holly Humberstone continues to build anticipation for her upcoming album, Paint My Bedroom Black, with the release of “Superbloodmoon.” This enchanting track draws inspiration from the rare occurrence of a red moon eclipse and features a collaboration with D4vd , reflecting on finding solace in the shared night sky.

Anne-Marie, Khalid — “You & I

Anne-Marie teams up with Khalid for a heartfelt and beautiful song called “You & I”. The duo’s harmonious vocals complement each other perfectly, expressing the profound emotions that come with finding true love and feeling that everything in life is made easier with the right person by your side.

Calvin Harris, Sam Smith — “Desire

In a long-awaited reunion, Calvin Harris and Sam Smith collaborate once again for “Desire.” Smith’s distinctive vocals, combined with Harris’ masterful production, create a compelling summer hit that is sure to resonate with listeners.

Eladio Carrión — “6pm En Mallorca

Eladio Carrión ‘s latest song, “6pm En Mallorca,” takes inspiration from Drake‘s previous tracks but remains a freestyle that reflects on his personal journey and career status, showcasing his unique style and voice.

Delaney Bailey — “Bloomington

Delaney Bailey‘s hauntingly captivating voice takes center stage in“Bloomington,” the opening track of her EP What We Leave Behind. The song’s poignant lyrics paint an emotional picture, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

Laufey – “Bewitched

Laufey‘s title track from her forthcoming fall album, “Bewitched,” offers a dreamy and creative spin on pop music, infused with moody orchestral instrumentation that pushes the boundaries of the genre.

Tori Kelly — “Cut

Tori Kelly sets the tone with the opening track “Cut” from her new EP, Tori. The song adds a fresh twist to a love song, featuring Kelly’s signature soulful vocals and an infectious pre-chorus that captivates listeners.

Ashnikko — “Cheerleader

Finally, Ashnikko‘s latest single, “Cheerleader,” is a clever response to society’s beauty standards. The track playfully references the movie “Bring It On” as Ashnikko uses her unique style and lyrical wit to challenge societal norms.

As we celebrate the best new pop music releases of the week, we can look forward to an exciting and diverse array of tracks that will keep us entertained and connected to the world of music.