Christian Nodal

Ramón Vega & Christian Nodal Confront Heartbreak in Emotional “dEsANiMao” Collaboration

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Ramón Vega and Christian Nodal have come together for their first collaboration in the heartfelt music video “dEsANiMao 🙁“. The duo takes us on a journey through different terrains, from the ice age to the Jurassic period, as they try to cope with the pain of heartbreak.

In the video Vega and Nodal trade verses expressing their emotions of loneliness and longing. Vega sings, “I’m tired of always being at fault, for you to leave and me going after you. I wish you had a mirror so you could see what you do wrong or a friend who would give you advice.” Nodal adds, “I’m discouraged, like the song says without your love I feel down. I wish I was by your side but your pride has us separated.”

The song “dEsANiMao 🙁” is the highlight of Vega’s latest album, PA Ti 🙂, which was released on July 27. This marks the singer/songwriter’s second studio project, following his 2021 EP La Nueva R. The album features a diverse range of musical styles, from electro-techno to R&B, urbano, and funk. It also includes previously released tracks like “ITA :),” “BeSos aL vIEnTo :(” and “eScoRpiÓn :)” featuring Michelle Maciel.

For Vega, the album has been a labor of love and a transformative experience as an artist. He expressed his hope that people will connect with the authenticity of the music and enjoy listening to it.

The “dEsANiMao :(” video showcases Vega and Nodal‘s captivating performances, and it is evident that the emotional journey they take us on strikes a chord with viewers. Watch the heartfelt music video below to experience their powerful collaboration.