Jessie Ware ‘That! Feels Good!’ Party, Spicing Up ‘Freak Me Now’

Jessie Ware Teams Up with Róisín Murphy to Spice Up “Freak Me Now” on That! Feels Good!

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In April, Jessie Ware unveiled her scintillating pop-disco album, That! Feels Good!, which has been making waves in the pop industry.

One of the standout tracks from the album is “Pearls,” released as a single in February, which draws inspiration from iconic divas like Donna Summer, Evelyn Champagne King, Teena Marie, and Chaka Khan. Building on the album’s success, Jessie Ware decided to take things up a notch and invited the legendary “queen of disco” Róisín Murphy to join herThat! Feels Good! party and spice up the already infectious track, “Freak Me Now.

Ware expressed her excitement about working with Róisín Murphy, stating that she messaged her hoping she would be interested in featuring on the song, and to her delight, Murphy was on board. The collaboration resulted in an incredible addition to the track, with Murphy recording her vocals and sending them to Ware. For Ware, having the queen of disco on “Freak Me Now” is a tremendous honor, and she looks forward to performing the song together live in the future.

Róisín Murphy shared her admiration for Jessie Ware’s talent, describing her as a brilliant and super-talented songwriter and singer. They had been contemplating a collaboration for some time, and when Murphy heard “Freak Me Now,” she knew it was the perfect fit for her. The duo had an absolute blast shooting the video, reveling in fashion chaos and laughter throughout the day. Murphy has nothing but love and respect for Ware and cherished every moment of working with her.

The highly-anticipated music video for “Freak Me Now” featuring Róisín Murphy will soon premiere on YouTube, adding even more excitement to this electrifying collaboration.

As fans eagerly await the video, they can enjoy the updated version of “Freak Me Now” and look forward to Jessie Ware’s upcoming headlining dates. With the combination of Jessie Ware’s mesmerizing vocals and Róisín Murphy’s legendary touch, this collaboration will surely be an unforgettable moment in the world of disco-pop music.