Image of Lulú and Ximena Soto singers of Be$itos

Lulú & Ximena Soto’s Empowering Anthem “Be$itos” Premiere

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Lulú & Ximena Soto‘s latest single, “Be$itos,” a joyous celebration of life, premiered exclusively on Remezcla, demonstrating that life is about enjoyment and freedom. The song encourages listeners not to take everything so seriously, a mantra that popped into Lulú’s mind during a restless night, forming the core message of her subsequent hit.

The dynamic duo collaborated to create what Lulú describes as an “empowerment anthem.” She explains that the track encourages individuals to reject societal judgments, prejudices, and freely live as they please. Lulú’s musical team – producers Adrian Be and Morix, and composer Roger Rogerz – helped in shaping this buoyant, electro-pop anthem. The inclusion of Soto’s angelic yet sensual voice was a long-desired feature for Lulú, who admired her for quite some time.

Beyond just her vocal abilities, Lulú praises Soto for her fearlessness and empowerment, two traits that she strives to uphold and advocate for within the LGBTQ+ community. Soto’s fearlessness inspired Lulú to chase after her own desires more freely.

The lively music video, directed by Niza Cruz, portrays an unforgettable girl’s night out featuring Lulú, Soto, and the spotlighted protagonist Vixen. The women are depicted engaging in laughter, dance, and of course, sharing plenty of kisses. The shoot ended with a birthday cake cutting, marking the start of Lulú’s journey of empowerment, success, and liberty.

Be$itos” marks a significant turn in Lulú’s musical journey. This new phase sees her bravely exploring various genres such as pop, electro-pop, R&B, and potentially even a corrido. Having battled insecurities in her songwriting past, she is now thrilled to freely express herself without fear. Lulú believes in continuously moving forward, enjoying life, and embracing happiness.


Q: What is the core message of Lulú and Ximena Soto’s latest single “Be$itos”?

A: The central message of “Be$itos” is to encourage listeners not to take life too seriously. It is a joyful call to live freely, disregard societal judgment, and enjoy life’s moments. Lulú envisioned this during a restless night, which laid the foundation for the empowering anthem.

Q: How does Lulú describe her collaboration with Ximena Soto on the track “Be$itos”?

A: Lulú describes her collaboration with Ximena Soto as an honor and a long-time desire fulfilled. She admires Soto for her angelic yet sensual voice and her fearless, empowered personality. Their collaboration on “Be$itos” reflects Lulú’s support for the visibility and drive of the LGBTQ+ community and women in music.

Q: What does the music video of “Be$itos” represent?

A: The music video for “Be$itos,” directed by Niza Cruz, is a depiction of an unforgettable girls’ night out, with Lulú, Soto, and the protagonist Vixen. It represents a celebration of freedom, joy, and women’s empowerment, perfectly encapsulating the song’s spirit. The cake cutting ceremony at the end symbolizes Lulú’s path towards empowerment, success, and freedom.


Lulú is a vibrant, Mexican singer-songwriter, renowned for her versatile exploration of various music genres. She champions the LGBTQ+ community and is an ardent advocate for women empowerment. In her musical journey, she confronts her fears and insecurities, transforming them into bold, empowering anthems like her latest hit, “Be$itos.” Lulú, through her music, motivates her listeners to live life freely, enjoy every moment, and take life less seriously.